Monday, October 11, 2010

So, Adsense

I'm not really sure how this adsense thing works,

What is CTR and all that?

Can someone explain to me how adsense really works?


  1. CTR means how many people that look at your page view it.

  2. No idea, I just signed up for it myself. I doubt anyone can make any real money on this unless you come up with a super original website.

  3. Uhh I believe its how many views you get to ad clicks or something... Not exactly sure either but there is a bunch of helpful articles if you want to try and google the question

  4. 10:1 Views to clicks. That's average. But you want 15:1. Keep CTR low.

  5. Page Impressions = how many people have seen your page

    Clicks = how many ads have been clicked

    CTR = Clicks / Page Impressions