Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Town

The Town Movie

Today I review The Town, directed by Ben Affleck. It was decent, not the best thing I’ve seen, especially for the length of it. It’s about 2 hours of a group of organized bank robbers in Charleston, Mass. The lead protagonist falls in love with the hostage victim at the beginning of the movie and how he feels throughout the experience leads him to make the decisions he does. It’s a very cliche “Bad guy wanting to become good” type of movie with a little twist of Oceans 11.

The Town Movie

There were bits of the movie that created “Movie hypnosis" (Where the parts so dry you start daydreaming during the movie), but it picks it back up in the last 30-45 minutes quite well. The end seemed a little disconnected from what was happening during the build up points. Overall, it was a decent movie that I enjoyed, but didn’t love.

It’s worth going to see in the theatres, but not a re-watcher.

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